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My feet hit the floor sending a jolt up my leg’s making them topple and collapse to the floor. I took in deep breaths and slowly examined my fingers; they seemed to be fine except for some minor cuts.  “Good I’m not bleeding” I said aloud. Crawling I made my way to the back of the cell and patiently waited for the door to open.  I stared at the door and examined the room looking for the quickest route to take. The cell is triangular so my best route would be to use the walls, since they slope outwards I’ll be able to jump across them. If I do that I’ll be able to get outside also I’ll be able to lock the guard’s into this cell.  The gears turned signifying that someone is coming. I crouched down, tightening my muscle, the fork stopped the gears. Applying pressure to the machine, the machine bellowed a shrike of protest. Gnawing at the fork the gears broke, shattering them into tiny pieces. “What the hell is going on in here?” a voice demanded, the door swung open. Now is my chance! Pushing off the stone ground I sprung into the air. Gripping the cold chains, I planted my feet on the near wall. Scaling the sloped edge I sprinted to the door. The guard reached for my chains hoping to pull me back.
Not going to happen, I thought to myself. I took the momentum I gained from the wall, turned around kneeing the guard in the face. He wailed in pain, and covered his bleeding nose with his hands. Twisting my body I sent my foot into the air, coming down with a hammer kick into his head. The blow forced him onto the ground knocking him out cooled. Staggering myself I turned to the door in an all out sprint. I grabbed the huge nozzle and pulled the door shut. Sprinting down the long corridor my bare feet crushing the ground beneath me.
I have to hurry it wont take long for them to notice something is wrong, I thought. The only exit is the bottom of the tower, and that’s one hundred floors down. I started gasping for air, my lungs burned. My body protested not wanting to go any farther. A light shone at the end of the hallway. “She’s over here!” a voice yelled. Scared I looked around frantically hoping an exit would appear. A window was all I could find. But jumping from this height is a death wish. Stopping I stared at it my eyes were blood shot. Wide eyed gold, no wonder they wanted me. My eyes could make a person filthy rich. The light drew closer, many voices screamed. Rational thinking was out of the question. “I don’t want to die here!” I screamed sprinting I hit window, shattering it into a million pieces. I was free, smiling I closed my eyes and fell into the darkness below.
Yeah I know i'm slow... but here's part 3!!! I hope you enjoy :3 I put some karate moves into it!! making it really unrealistic...but then again it never was to begin with XD
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March 16, 2013
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