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Lying there was very cold but some how my blood oozed warmth as it drained out of my body. My head hurt and my ears rung like an explosion went off. I tried lifting my leg and a pain felt shriek escaped my mouth. Everything hurt; it felt like I was stabbed by a thousand needles but I was still alive. Severally wounded but alive, using my will power I forced myself onto my knees. I through my hands out in front of me, stopping myself from falling face first into the mud. I dug my nails into the soft earth and slowly opened my eyes.  Blood was pouring out of my left shoulder. I was covered in bruises, looking up trees with broken branches stood tall. “So the tree’s stopped my fall” I chuckled. “Well nothing seems to be broken, I’m lucky for that” I sighed. It could have been much worse.  Looking around the tower was no where in sight. “I must have fallen, quite a distance to be this far from the tower” I murmured as crawled across the mud to the closest tree.  Right now I should focus on stopping the bleeding, using the trees as balance I scoured the forest floor looking for leaves large enough to stop the blood flow.  After wandering around in to forest for sometime I came across a river. At this point and time I was ready to fall over. “I lost to much blood” I gasped. Face first I fell into the river. I slammed against rocks, sending sharp pains through out my body. Screaming I tried to grab onto anything screaming over the fast rapids, suddenly warm hands grabbed my arms pulling me out of the water.  “Are you alright? You’re not suffocating or anything?” A voice said frantically. Coughing up blood and water, the person frantically got me over onto my stomach. I groaned, the taste of blood was all over my mouth. “We better do something about your injuries” the voice stated. I couldn’t move everything was in pain, so this is the end I thought. “Hey hang in there!” the voice yelled. My body was lifted off the ground, I felt weightless. The sound of his heart beat was all I could remember before I blacked out. Light shone onto my eye’s making them hurt.  Turning on the warm surface, I snuggled back under the blankets. Wait I thought. I threw the blankets off and I sat upright on the bed. The room was small with a couple of book shelves and wardrobe at the back of the room. Where am I? Whose house does this belong to? My head throbbed. Touching my hand to my head I noticed it was bandaged. Kicking off the rest of the blankets they revealed my body covered in bandages. I have got to get out of here, was my first thought. Placing both my feet at the end of the bed, I heaved myself off the bed. A sharp pain ran up my legs, making them topple to the floor. The door opened, a boy stood there wide eyed holding a tray of food. “Are you alright?” he asked, setting the tray on the floor he picked me up in a princess carry. He swiftly made his way back to the side of the bed, tucking me under the covers. He then carried the tray over to me setting it on my lap. “You should eat something, it will help build your strength” he said as he stared into my eyes.  The boy looked to be about my age, he had short brown hair with cool blue eyes. He was very lean but built with strong muscles. His clothes were shades of brown, from his boots to his top. “So what was someone like you, splashing around for in the river?” he questioned narrowing his eyes.  I turned my head to me food, and began picking away at the piece of bread. “I fell into the river and got washed down stream” I replied blankly as I devoured the food.  “Why did you have deep gashes all over your body?” he said sternly. I froze; my heart rate began to go up. I can’t let him find out I was in a prison. Surely he’ll send me back there. “I fell while climbing some trees” I murmured. He gritted his teeth and grunted. “If you don’t want to tell me, don’t force yourself” he shrugged. “But that is the truth” I began to protest. “Sweetheart I know when I’m being lied too, but can you at least tell me your name?” he flashed me a smile. “My names Aria” I stuttered. He gave a slight laugh “well mines Raven” with that he gave me a slight wave then left the room. Strange how he didn’t mention anything about my eyes I thought.
Yay to parts uploaded!!~ thank you for the wait :3 here's part four of my characters adventure!! and she also meets someone surprising XD ohhhhh (yeah never doing that again) well anyways enjoy!!!~
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